Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I Like These Things

This page contains links to many of my favorite websites, as well as access to lots of other useless crap for which I couldn't find a suitable main category.

Bellini's Reading List :: Quick notes on what I've been reading.
Best 100 Novels :: The Bellini-100, a collection from four lists.
Tottenham Hotspur FC :: Come on You Spurs! :: Glory! Glory! Message Board.
English Premier League :: The world's finest soccer.
Major League Soccer :: America's soccer.
European Football 101 :: Understand the beautiful game.
Bellini World :: Mom and Dad attempt to use technology.
Hiking Links :: My growing database of places to get out and hike.
Lonely Planet :: Start your next trip with the Worldguide.
American University :: My college in Washington, DC.
Wikipedia :: My entry.